DRDA Photography / Asset Integrity


Area of operation is generally the Rocky Mountains and southwestern United States.  I was born in Amarillo, TX and have worked exclusively in Texas, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico. As one would guess, outdoor photography is a competitive business in this region. We have been able to stay busier than we sometimes want by offering unique services, personalized settings and very competitive pricing.  

  • Commercial
  • Portrait
  • Wedding
  • Special Events
  • Corporate publications
  • In-house high-quality processing
  • Product Photography
  • Black and white photography  
  • High profile shoots
  • Private sessions

Asset Integrity

With 35 years of experience in natural gas production, processing and pipeline transportation our goal is to enhance asset protection via pipeline and facility corrosion control. We are extensively experienced in supporting pipeline operations and engineering personnel to ensure compliance with all federal and state regulations.

  • Cathodic Protection Design
  • Cathodic Protection Inspection
  • Cathodic Protection Monitoring and Trouble-Shooting
  • Internal Corrosion Control Design, Monitoring
  • Third Party Inspection

NACE Certified Corrosion Specialist, Cathodic Protection Specialist, Internal Corrosion Technician

(719) 576-5938

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